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Do you want to increase productivity AND create a winning culture? Then hire Jan Lehman to speak at your next event!

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Why Attendees and Meeting Planners Love Jan


"As a keynote at our 2022 convention, she was a huge hit! Her stage presence was high energy and professional and her presentation was on point. In addition, she was exceptionally easy and positive to work with. I would highly recommend her!"

— Margaret Pennock | Director of Workforce Development at Assoc of General Contractors South Dakota


"Jan was knowledgeable, and engaging and her energy inspired our virtual room of professionals. Our members referred to Jan as an A+ speaker and felt strongly that her recommendations could be incorporated immediately into their professional and personal lives.  She made a lasting impact and we are eager to have her back.  Her real-life examples and engaging presentation style were outstanding! Our Board of Directors would highly recommend Jan for your next corporate event, leadership training, or development experience."

— Ashlie Bradley, President West Central MN SHRM

"Jan did a phenomenal job. She invested time up-front to design content that was relevant and timely for us, and was engaging during the presentation."

— Matthew Piechocki | Regional Director, Managed Markets at Eli Lilly and Company


"Jan was outstanding. She was able to craft meaningful content for a diverse audience and deliver key takeaways so participants could leave with actionable items for self-growth. Jan’s approach to learning is engaging, creative, and impactful."

—  Christy Hall | Meeting Manager at National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies


Create a Culture of Productivity, Starting at the Top

As a leader, you have the opportunity and responsibility to encourage and enforce productivity throughout your organization. But it must start with you.

Create a culture of productivity that eliminates unnecessary interruptions, emails, and non-essential work. Get everyone focused on their most important priorities and stop the highly reactionary behavior that has become the norm in business today. Since productivity and employee engagement are tightly linked, this is a win-win for the organization and your employees.

Maintaining Productivity in a Hybrid Workplace

The world is changing, and so should our approach to leading our teams. We all need to maintain (or regain) productivity despite ever-shifting requirements and circumstances. Leaders play a critical role in providing and supporting the proper environment for their employees to be productive and engaged.

Jan will explore proven and emerging best practices in maintaining personal and team productivity in changing work environments: how to maintain team engagement and improve productivity by maximizing the time, talent, and technology within your organization.

Project Management for Leaders

Do you struggle with managing your personal and team priorities? Do you have a hard time keeping people accountable for their responsibilities on a team project? You're not alone.

90% of employees work on project teams, yet most  leaders have never been trained in project management best practices. While leaders don't need to be experts in every project management concept, they do need to understand the high-level aspects and tools in order to compete effectively in the business market.

Technology companies have introduced fabulous tools like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, which allow teams to work together more collaboratively and effectively.

Jan will cover high-level project management concepts that are important for leaders to know, and will share some of the best tools on the market for cross-team collaboration and process improvement.


Jan Lehman | Daytona Beach, FL Keynote Event

Jan Lehman is a globally recognized productivity expert, international speaker, and best-selling author that has been featured in ForbesBusiness Journal, and Entrepreneur. She is dedicated to creating real relationships and curating a meaningful and relevant presentation for each of her clients. Combining a thoughtful blend of proven productivity practices and real-life examples, Jan offers a welcoming, engaging, inspirational, and high-energy space for personal growth.

Audience members will leave with actionable steps they can immediately incorporate into their work and personal lives. The examples Jan provides will allow individuals to imagine the best way to apply the productivity practices and tools to their own routines. Jan is passionate about creating a place of empathy and empowerment for her audience members, so they leave feeling energized and ready to make the most of their time.


Jan is the author of the time management book 'Work Smart Do More'

Audience members often need a little extra help implementing productivity tools into their workflow. After all, overhauling how you manage your time is simple, but it isn't always easy.

'Work Smart Do More' is the perfect companion resource to reinforce the tools Jan provides in her speaking sessions (and then some!)

Interested in a group discount? Be sure to ask about our quantity discounts for book purchases. Jan would be happy to meet your group after the presentation for a book signing."

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Actionable Content


High Energy


Relevant Topics


Customized Approach


Lasting Impression


All of Jan’s in-person and virtual presentations are customized to meet the needs of your event and exceed the expectations of your audience. But there is a common theme you can always count on:  Jan helps corporate leaders eliminate waste and maximize productivity within their organizations.

For over a decade, Jan has been helping corporate leaders eliminate wasted time, talent, and technology within their organizations. Jan's primary goal and passion is to see the tools that she has developed woven into the fabric of your company's culture to create positive, lasting change.

As a thought leader in the productivity industry, Jan covers a variety of topics affecting executives and their employees. In an actively evolving business environment, it's important to consider how companies can improve their level of productivity in order to bolster employee engagement and maintain a healthy culture.


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